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By Warriors, For Warriors

The Raid Pack and its accessories are the result of combining design thinking with the warrior mindset. Simple yet widely functional with bomber construction while maintaining a sleek profile.

No China Policy

Our "No China" Policy

We don't do business with China.

(In the outdoor gear industry, a little-known fact is that most apparel, backpacks, and bags are made with Chinese materials and hardware). In fact many companies that are "made in the USA" use ALL Chinese fabric and hardware. The reality is that it is tough to make anything without using at least some components made in China, but we have been able to do it; We use zero Chinese components.

We are committed to using fabric and hardware produced in the USA or in a country that has a strategic alliance with the USA. For example, the XPAC fabric used in the Raid Pack (HD) is made in the USA. Our buckles are produced in Korea, and we source zippers from Japan. 

Please find out more in our FAQ section.