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November 22, 2023 2 min read

Carryology, a go-to and trusted voice in the carry gear world, recently took a deep dive into our Nomadic Research- TTL 38L Travel Bag. They shared their thoughts, giving us some great shout-outs and also some useful ideas for improvement.

What Carryology thought:

  • Max Legal Carry-On Design: Carryology liked our bag's size, perfect for fitting into overhead bins and appealing to seasoned travelers and those new to the Everyday Carry (EDC) scene.
  • Veteran-Owned, Tactical Smarts: They tip their hat to our background as a veteran-owned brand, bringing our expertise into our designs and providing practicality for both tactical enthusiasts and EDC fans.
  • Carry It Your Way: The TTL's trio of carry options – hand, shoulder, back – with features like seatbelt-style handles and convertible straps got a thumbs-up for being super handy.
  • Smart Design Touches: The 38L clamshell design, padded laptop compartment, and neatly organized sections were highlighted to make packing and traveling a breeze.
  • Top-Notch Materials: Carryology praised our choice of materials, like the rugged VX21RS X-Pac, for its durability and weather resistance, not to mention the lighter interior color for easy item spotting.
  • Comfort and Convenience: The bag's comfort, especially in backpack mode, and the ease of packing with its soft-sided flexibility were big pluses.
  • Adaptable and Feature-Packed: Features like the ability to stash a smaller pack inside and the sleek strap stowaway system didn't go unnoticed.
  • Overall, A Winner: They summed it up as a stellar travel bag with a design that hits all the right notes.

Room for Growth:

Even with all the praise, they pointed out some things we could tweak, like adding a bottom handle for easier overhead bin retrieval and making the single shoulder strap more grippy. We're all ears and ready to make these updates in our next version.

Carryology's Final Word:

They said the Nomadic Research TTL Travel Bag 38L is a top-notch, user-friendly travel buddy that fits modern bag collections. They gave us props for our design chops, noting it's a great mix of space, comfort, build quality, and value.

Big Thanks and Our Promise:

We're super thankful for Carryology's detailed and honest review. Their expertise and constructive feedback mean a lot and resonate with the carry gear crowd. Their praise confirms our commitment to quality and innovation, and their improvement tips are already on our radar for future designs.

This review is both a pat on the back and a roadmap for what's next. We're all about blending tactical know-how, everyday usefulness, and cutting-edge design. A huge thanks to Carryology and to our amazing customers for your ongoing support and suggestions. 

Check out the full Carryology review here.

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